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Campus Phones - Students

Communications Services offer telephone services throughout the campus community, in residential halls and also in Fraternity and Sorority houses. Telephones are available in the lobbies of residential buildings and are capable of calling 911 and on campus. One telephone is provided in each Fraternity and Sorority house and is capable of calling 911 and on campus. One telephone is also provided in each kitchen in the Brockton Apartment complex, also capable of calling 911 and on campus. We provide full repair service ranging from inside wire maintenance to telephone replacement, if necessary.

For the safety of the University community, emergency telephones are strategically placed throughout the campus. The six-foot towers are easily identifiable at night by a bright blue light shining on top of the tower. A simple push of the red button on the emergency telephone will automatically dial Public Safety, who are equipped to handle emergency situations.

In addition, payphone services are available at Hunsaker Center, Thompson Aquatic Center, and Watchorn Hall (near the Chapel).

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