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Video Conference Ready Classrooms

There are seven video conference ready classrooms located on the main campus: 

  • Duke 109,
  • Fletcher Jones Foundation Computer Center 112,
  • Gregory 270,
  • Hall of Letters 209,
  • Hentschke 201,
  • Larsen 227, and
  • North University Hall 112

Each video conference ready room is equipped with a camera, ceiling microphones, and a speaker system. These rooms also function as technology enabled classrooms. Faculty members wanting to schedule a video conference ready classroom need to work through their department’s administrative assistant to make a room reservation.

Video Conference Preparation (with particular details related to Skype):

Skype is just one video conferencing tool that can be used in these rooms.  Instructions for using Skype are available on both on the computer's desktop and on the instructor's lecturn.  Click this link to access the Skype Quick Guide.


  • Has a video conference ready room been reserved through R25?
  • Does the remote participant have a camera and a headset/microphone (preferred option)? Or, at least, a camera and speakers as the second option.
  • Do both participants (local and remote) have Skype accounts and have they shared their account names?
  • Which participant (local or remote) is calling whom? Has this been agreed upon and communicated?
  • Have participants shared phone numbers in case a phone call is needed to on the day of the session?
  • Is a practice call/session necessary or are both parties familiar enough with Skype?

If the video conference is not taking place in a video conference ready room:

In addition to the above questions:

  • Is a camera and microphone available?
  • Does software need be installed in advance?
  • Does the local participant know how to connect the video equipment/software?

For technical assistance using a video conference ready room, contact Eric Chaffin at extension 8459 or (909) 748-8459. He can also be reached by e-mail at Support hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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