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Information Technology Services

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Information Technology Services (ITS) is a support organization within the University of Redlands that develops, implements and ultimately supports technology-related resources at the University. ITS provided resources include instructional technologies, a campus network, communications infrastructure, system platforms, online environments and integrated software solutions. ITS services include academic computing support, assistance for the University community in the use of existing technology resources, collaborative technology project management and technology planning to meet institutional goals.

ITS is dedicated to evenly providing technology support to the University community, enhancing the University's technology infrastructure and providing leadership in the achievement of the University's technology goals.

The Office of Information Technology Services has the charter of providing overall planning, leadership and management of information technologies throughout the University of Redlands. Under this charter we provide the following services and support for the University:

  • Design and implement technical solutions to meet faculty, students and staff requirements
  • Work collaboratively with faculty and staff to enhance the use of technology
  • Provide creativity, balance and perspective for information technology throughout the University
  • Recognize diverse stakeholder needs
  • Guide the University's investment in information systems and technology

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