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Financial Aid General Conditions


BY ACCEPTING AND USING FINANCIAL AID, YOU AGREE TO ABIDE BY FEDERAL, STATE AND UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS GOVERNING FINANCIAL AID. Specifically, you agree that you will use student financial aid only to pay for educational costs while attending the University of Redlands. Should you withdraw from the University (or cease attending on at least a half-time basis), you may be required to repay funds to the financial aid programs. We encourage you to contact the Student Financial Services at 909-748-8047 or if you have any questions. For additional information please refer to the Student Financial Services website at


  1. Any change in Unit load: Your award is based on your enrollment status. You must notify Student Financial Services prior to any changes in your unit load if the change causes you to fall below full-time enrollment (12 credits per award period). A change in your unit load may require a revision in your financial aid and may require you to repay any awards previously awarded. If academic credit has already been earned for a course twice, the repeated course will NOT count towards full-time enrollment status.
  2. Any change in Residency: If your award was based upon an on-campus student budget and you subsequently move off campus or with a parent, you must advise Student Financial Services since a revision in your award may be necessary. 
  3. Leave of Absence or Withdrawal: You must notify the following office if you leave the University for any reason. Financial aid awards for students leaving the University will be adjusted in accordance with the University Refund Policy. Please contact the Office of Student Life (909-748-8053) for leave of absence or withdrawal questions. 
  4. Increase in Resources: If you receive any additional resources not listed on the award letter (e.g. tuition benefits, outside scholarships, etc…) during the academic year, according to federal regulations and University of Redlands policy, you are required to inform Student Financial Services so that your financial aid may be adjusted. If you receive a scholarship that is to be used for tuition and fees only; university grant and or merit awards may need to be adjusted.  Please note that the combination of university grants and merit awards plus other need-based funding (loans typically excluded) cannot exceed the cost of tuition.

General Conditions of Financial Aid

  1. The University of Redlands reserves the right to revise this financial aid award. Modifications of this offer may be required by lack of necessary state or federal funding, corrections or changes in the data reported to the University by parents and/or students, receipt of additional awards by non-university sources, unintended error, student changes in unit load, changes in residence, or other reasons consistent with University policy. Students who receive funds in excess of their eligibility will be liable for any resulting overaward. In the event of an overaward that results in a return of funds, the student will be billed for the overaward amount. 
  2. While some financial aid is conveniently credited to your account with Student Financial Services, there are some awards that must be made payable directly to you (e.g. employment earnings, and other similar programs). Other awards (such as outside scholarships) may not be available when tuition charges must be paid. Students are responsible for making satisfactory payment arrangements with Student Financial Services for all charges. Payment plans are available to assist students with making payment arrangements. Failure to make payment arrangements can result in the cancellation of your aid or registration. 
  3. All Federal Direct Student loans are subject to a federal origination fee. All Federal Direct PLUS loans are subject to a federal origination fee. 
  4. Regardless of the amount of financial aid you accept, you are expected to bring a certain amount of cash to defray immediate expenses such as books, supplies, and personal expenses at the beginning of each term ($825-$1,000 per term). Financial aid credit balances are generally not available until 14 business days after the term begins.
  5. If you fail to maintain satisfactory progress towards your degree, you will be denied future assistance. Financial aid for traditional undergraduate programs is limited to eight semesters of full-time work. Please plan your academic program carefully. Satisfactory academic progress for undergraduate and graduate programs is defined in the University catalog.
  6. You must accept responsibility for reading and for understanding all forms that you are asked to sign. You are urged to keep a copy of all documents for your records.
  7. If Student Financial Services requires any additional information to complete your award file, we will be in touch with you via your Redlands email account, once an email account has been assigned to you. Official communications from Student Financial Services cannot be sent to external email providers. Federal regulations dictate that aid eligibility can be forfeited if certain deadlines are not met, therefore it is imperative that you regularly check your Redlands email account.

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