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Redlands Loan

The Redlands Loan is designed to help meet the financial needs of the University of Redlands undergraduate students and is packaged according to the University’s packaging policy for 2014-2015. Funding is limited. This loan has a 5% interest rate and goes into repayment 6 months after the student is no longer registered as an undergraduate student at the University of Redlands. The amount of the installment payment will depend upon the size of the loan debt, but the minimum monthly payment is $50. If a student is awarded a Redlands Loan for the first time, an email explaining how to e-sign the Master Promissory Note will be e-mailed to their University address. For subsequent years, students are required to sign the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) disclosure.

If this is your first time accepting the Redlands Loan in your financial aid award, you must complete all steps indicated below. If you have borrowed a Redlands Loan before you are only required to complete Step 2 – Truth in Lending Disclosures

Step 1:     Please click here to complete your entrance interview online.

  • When asked to select a loan choose “Institutional Loans” for the type of loan you expect to owe after graduation. 
  • When asked for loan deatails please select the following: Fixed Interest Rate = 5%; Frequency = Monthly; Length = 10 yrs; Minimum = $50.
  • For any section that is not applicable (references, spouse, etc.) – Input “NA” or “N/A”

Step 2:    Complete the Truth-In-Lending disclosures (TILA) by clicking here.

  • Each TILA disclosure must be completed before you are eligible to sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN).

Step 3:    Electronically sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN) by clicking here

We will receive confirmation once these processes have been completed.

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