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Welcome to Epayment

Welcome to RedlandsPay at the University of Redlands

RedlandsPay is the official method for making payments and receiving statements at the University of Redlands.

This service is a secure method for viewing student account information and making online payments.

RedlandsPay Allows Students To:

  • View current balances and statements online
  • Make online payments with an electronic check (ACH)
  • Establish Authorized Users and grant them selected access to Student Account information.  (Students are responsible for setting up the level of access for each Authorized User)

RedlandsPay Allows Authorized Users To:

  • View current balances and statements online
  • Make online payments with an electronic check (ACH)

Students and the users they authorize are able to login to RedlandsPay and view the most up-to-date balance and activity on the student account.

Remember, student account information and RedlandsPay messages will be sent to the student's Redlands e-mail address so it is important that the Redlands e-mail is checked on a regular basis. It is the student’s responsibility to be informed of all payment due dates and meet all financial obligations when due.

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How large is the main campus?
160 acres

The campus of the University of Redlands covers 160 acres.