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Community Service Learning

Women doing community service

Service Learning at the U of R has been embedded in a variety of experiential ways. Service Learning is a method of teaching, learning and reflecting on service, combining academic classroom curriculum and civic engagement with meaningful outreach, benefiting both the community and the student.

Since the beginning of the Office of Community Service Learning in 1991, the University of Redlands has made service an essential part of the student experience. More recently, these endeavors were recognized nationally. Redlands received the 2007 President’s Award, named best in the country for its service to disadvantaged youth. The National Cooperation of Community Service in Washington D.C. has continually named the University of Redlands on the Honor Roll of higher education.

The University of Redlands has repeatedly been named as an institution “with distinction” for outstanding programs in disaster relief and service to children. It was also one of the first institutions in the country to receive the Carnegie classification for both service learning and community partnerships.

Redlands has embraced the methodology of service learning and engagement as a mutually beneficial model of civic responsibility that encourages lifelong civic engagement, strengthening communities for the common good.

Design through Math
Appleton Hall

The back of the University of Redlands own Appleton Hall contains a mathematically designed ‘Echo Chamber’ that uses calculated angles to refract sound.

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