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The University of Redlands operates 13 residence halls and several additional apartment complexes throughout the academic year. During the summer months (June-August), these facilities are available to conferences and groups, providing a combined occupancy of 1,581 beds; 900 of these beds are in air-conditioned facilities.

Most rooms are double occupancy, with two twin beds per room. Single occupancy rooms can be arranged, depending on availability. All residence hall rooms have telephones; on-campus calling is free, and local or long-distance calls can be made with calling or credit cards.

Most residence halls feature hallway bathrooms, and a few are outfitted with suite baths. The recently-constructed Brockton Apartments feature four single rooms, two bathrooms, a small kitchen and a living area.

Residence hall lounges are ideal for casual get-togethers and relaxation. Equipped with TVs and comfortable furniture, they provide a perfect place to unwind in the evenings. Linens are provided in our package pricing and include a pillow, a pillow case, mattress pad, two sheets, two towels, a wash cloth and a blanket.

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