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The School of Business offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs for busy professionals. Attend classes one night per week at one of our eight regional campuses throughout Southern California—and earn a degree without disrupting your busy schedule.

A School of Business degree will provide you with relevant, contemporary skills that will improve your effectiveness in the workplace and open doors to new professional opportunities.

Ready to change the course of your professional life? Choose your admissions path from the options below:

Prospective Undergraduate Students 
Complete a BS in Business or BA in Management degree

Prospective Graduate Students
Earn an MBA or MA in Management advanced degree

Prospective International Students
Non-U.S. residents start the application process here

Contact our Admissions Staff

We welcome your questions and comments! Please contact our admissions staff with your questions, or to schedule an interview and tour of your regional campus. You may call toll-free (888) 999-9844.

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