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Obtaining a college education in this economy can be tough. But we know just where to start.

Whether you’re heading to college for the first time or returning to college as an adult, check back often for tips and advice on the smartest ways to fund and obtain your degree.


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Can't get classes?
Budget cuts resulting in fewer college classes mean that many students can’t get the courses they need to keep their degree on track. Fortunately, for-credit Continuing Studies courses at the University of Redlands are fully transferable to other schools. Learn more.

Yellow Ribbon Program
As an official Yellow Ribbon Program Partner designated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the University of Redlands has set aside funds to award up to 100 veterans as much as $5,000 annually to help offset tuition expenses or the cost of books and other educational supplies. Learn more.
FAFSA and You
FAFSA stands for “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” and is the first step to getting federal money for college. Learn more.
Continuing Education
Working and retired adults across the country are going back to college and university in record numbers. Learn more.

Summer School
Continuing education can be a solution if you’re denied classes or enrollment at community colleges because of budget cuts. Learn more.  

Degree Power
Studies show that the typical full-time worker with a four-year college degree earns over 60% more than a high school graduate throughout their working lives. Learn more.
From High School to College
Students often find that making the jump from high school to college is about having more independence, more assigned reading and more writing, too. Learn more.
Midlife Matriculation
Advisors say that, while making a successful midlife career switch is all about getting started, it's never too late to change what you do, and change your life. Learn more.
Campus Visits
To really get a feel for a college or university, you need to visit in person. Learn more.
Credit for Life Experience
Did you know that many universities will give you credit toward graduation requirements for your life or professional experiences? Learn more.
Deciding on a Major
Most students do not know what major they want to pursue when they start college. Learn more.
Military-Friendly Schools
Members of the United States Armed Services can attend the University of Redlands. Learn more.
Cutting College Expenses
Finding ways to cut college expenses is a lot like getting your actual degree — it's time consuming now, but will pay off in the long run. Learn more.
Reducing Student Loan Debt
Don’t let a mountain of education debt overwhelm you. With a little research and a lot of persistence, you’ll find many ways that can help you lower the cost of higher education. Learn more
When should you apply for a college scholarship? Learn more.
College Credit
Did you know that some of the best college classes you can take are available in high school? Learn more.
A Scholarship or a Scam?
You should never have to pay to find, apply for, or receive either a grant or a scholarship. Learn more.
Types of Financial Aid
There are many types of financial aid available to help you reach your educational goals. Learn more.
Direct Loans
New legislation passed by Congress and signed by the President specifies that low interest Stafford Loans—now called Direct Loans—are available exclusively from the U.S. Department of Education. Learn more

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