Michael Groher

Michael Groher
Professor of Communicative Disorders

Michael Groher is a professor of communication disorders at the University of Redlands with expertise in speech pathology.

Timely topics on which Groher can provide insight include the neuropathology of speech and swallowing, dysphagia and respiration in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

In recent years, a significant amount of the publications to which Groher has contributed have been focused on the treatment of patients with dysphagia.

Groher received his doctorate in speech pathology from the University of Washington. He also attended the University of Redlands, earning his undergraduate psychology degree and his master’s degree in audiology and speech pathology.

Academic Interests and Areas of Expertise

  • Swallowing disorders in adults
  • Speech and language disorders in adults
  • Neuropathologies of speech
  • Diagnosis of swallowing disorders

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