James Stewart '11

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James Stewart '11

James “Stew” Stewart spent more than 21 years in service to his country as a member of the U.S. Air Force. His military travels took him to five continents, including Asia, where he served in a combat zone during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

When he went back to school six years after retiring from the Air Force he sought a school close to home and work that would provide an outstanding education, an accelerated program and an on-campus experience. The Masters in Management degree program at Redlands’ satellite location in Torrance fit the bill.

“For most of my Redlands education, I attended class with nine of the most dynamic, professional and gifted individuals, whose educational goals were the same,” he said. “This gave me a fantastic feeling of unity, close to what I felt while in the military.” Stewart will complete the 18-month program and earn his degree in September 2011.

By virtue of his military service Stewart was also fortunate enough to benefit from the government’s Yellow Ribbon Program, in which Redlands participates. The program helps fund veterans’ tuition expenses in partnership with the federal Veterans Administration. “Redlands is very supportive of its military,” he said. “Between this and other educational benefits, my education was free of charge to me. The cost of education was not a factor in my decisions to choose the University of Redlands, but the Yellow Ribbon Program was fantastic.”

Stewart now works full time as an executive information technology analyst at defense contractor Northrup Grumman, Inc., and plans to use his degree to further his career there. He also provides volunteer IT support to Harbor Interfaith Services. This non-profit organization empowers the homeless and working poor in the San Pedro and harbor areas of Los Angeles.

In 2010 Stewart was inducted into the Whitehead Leadership Society, an organization that encourages leadership and academic excellence within the Redlands School of Business. Open only to School of Business students, the Society accepts peer nominations for School of Business students in their last year of study.

“Redlands provides a great and much respected education,” Stewart says of his experiences. “The environment, the challenging pace of the work, and the students who attended classes with me enriched the educational process. I only wish I had found them earlier!”

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