Better Hearing & Speech month

REDLANDS, CA (April 28, 2011) –The Truesdail Center for Communicative Disorders at the University of Redlands joins the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association as it celebrates Better Hearing and Speech Month, which it has done each May since 1927.

Michael Groher, a professor of Communicative Disorders at the University of Redlands and chair of the department, reminds parents that this is a good time to analyze their own hearing, as well as that of their children and of aging parents, to determine if they may fall into one of the estimated 28 million Americans who have a hearing loss that can be treated.

Groher, a member of the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association since 1974, encourages people to look for these behaviors in themselves or others they care for in their home:

  • frequently asking people to repeat themselves 
  • often turning their ear toward a sound to hear it better 
  • understanding people better when they wear glasses or look directly at their faces 
  • losing their place in group conversations 
  • keeping the volume on the radio or TV at a level others say is too loud 
  • having pain or ringing in their ears

People who see themselves in those statements should see an audiologist for a hearing test, he said.

Annual hearing checkups are a good idea for people age 45 and up as well as children who may show signs of difficulty hearing that could impact their studies, socialization, and speech. Many hearing disorders can be prevented, identified, assessed, and treated.

The Truesdail Center at the University of Redlands offers speech-language and hearing services for infants, children and adults who have communication disabilities. Disorders and disabilities seen at the Center include child language, speech articulation/phonology, hearing impairment, swallowing, traumatic brain injury, stroke, stuttering, voice and language and learning disorders and autism.

The Truesdail Center, a nonprofit agency, provides graduate students in the Department of Communicative Disorders a place to work directly with patients while offering the region a much-needed service. The graduate clinicians evaluate and treat clients under the direct supervision of clinical faculty certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and licensed by the state of California.

University of Redlands Communicative Disorders faculty have expertise in a range of communicative disorders and treatments, including early language development and the development of nonverbal communication in young children with Autism, auditory disorders, and speech and language development for children with hearing loss.

For more information on the Truesdail Center, please visit or call (909)748-8061.


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