Festival of Books

Redlands alums, faculty, and friends will appear at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books April 30 to May 1.

Creative Writing instructor Dr. Leslie Brody will appear on the panel “Larger Than Life: Behind the Icon”, which will delve into what life was like for celebrities known mainly for their public personas and the lives they led influenced by hype and fame.

Former Creative Writing instructor Andrew Tonkovich will host his radio show "Bibliocracy" and give a segment on three writers exploring a California theme: Susan Suntree, Victoria Patterson, and Gayle Wattaya.

Former Creative Writing instructor David Ulin will host a conversation between singer-songwriter and poet Patti Smith and writer, editor, and publisher Dave Eggers.

Bulldog newspaper adviser Erin Aubry Kaplan will have a conversation with Los Angeles author Walter Mosley about how his fiction connects with his political writing, specifically his latest book "Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation."

Johnston and Creative Writing alumnus Craig Perez is one of the finalists for the Los Angeles Times Book Award in poetry. He will appear on the panel  "The Poet’s Responsibility: Poetic Tradition, Social Values, and Contemporary Culture," where he will give a poetry reading.

Creative Writing alumnus Michelle Meyering  will be on a panel called “Teaching Kids Writing.”

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Redlands has 12 recent Fulbright Scholar recipients.

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