Spring production “Our Town”

Our Town
The University of Redlands Theatre Arts Department is producing Thornton Wilder’s 1938, Pulitzer Prize winning play, “Our Town” like you’ve never seen it before!

If Thornton Wilder were alive today, he might call his play a Google Earth perspective on the simple rituals that occur in our kitchens, in our neighborhoods, on our streets, in our state, on our country and around our planet. Wilder unpacks these rituals, like getting the kids out the door to school each morning, or coming home from a long day’s work, and reveals some of the intricate contradictions and needs for “purpose” held within these rituals.
High school, middle school students and community members will work onstage and offstage with University of Redlands students and faculty on this unique production of “Our Town.”

Performance dates are March 31 and April 1 at the Glenn Wallichs Theatre at 8:00 PM; and April 2 at 8:00 PM & April 3 at 6:00 PM at Clock Auditorium.

This production of “Our Town” has a cast of 25 to 30 characters and utilizes a unique casting strategy. Normally, Emily and George are played by the same actors for all three acts of the play, but for this production we have cast high school actors to play Emily and George in Act I, and college actors to play Emily and George in Act II, and both Emily’s will appear together in Act III.

Over the years “Our Town” has been interpreted as an innocent, quaint, sentimental look at everyday life in a 20th century New England town, with lots of pantomime and dialect work. Wilder actually intended something quite different; his concept was to allow "ordinariness" to shed light on a moral cynicism at the core of our collective daily rituals.

It is our ambition to honor Wilder's intent and to create an “Our Town” that is contemporary, moves swiftly, is filled with old and young, is culturally diverse, is engaging and yet maintains a complex, compassionate perspective on the comings and goings of our daily lives.

The production team consists of a variety of community players as well. Chris Beach serves as director for the production with Daniel Bachman as managing producer. The team also features Tessa Randall as the production stage manager, Jessica Rorick as the assistant stage manager, Leah Ramillano as set designer, Janey Thompson as costume designer and Topher Stumreiter as lighting designer.

University of Redlands:
Anthony Randall, Julia Puntarelli, Neal McKenna, Ron Blakely, Hayden Todd, Olivia Spirz, Nick Tellier, Alyssa Good, Kassandra Zamanis, Ryan Stewart, Steve Morics, Keith Wolgemuth, Sarah Perez, and Glen Campbell.

Redlands High School:
Connor Benson, Sarah Blackey, Ross Thrasher, and Claudia Walukouw.

Redlands East Valley High School:
Carly Scholte, Emma McCabe, and Tomasz Fraczek.

Cope Middle School:
Ezra Bosworth and Alyssa Hill.

The FARM School:
Peter Morics

Redlands Community:
George Alexandres

Cal State San Bernardino:
Alex Valdez.

Redlands High School:
Amanda Peralta, Michael Ekema – Nardella, Alexis Hickman, Brendon Hampton, Dana Kerns, Aedan Yturralde, and Alyssa Crowder.

Redlands East Valley High School:
Zoe Beach and Ely Johnson.
The Grove School:
Marissa Garza.

Tickets will be $10 for general Admission and $6 for students, staff and seniors. For more information please call 909-748-8028, or visit

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