New Works presents 8 new plays

Instead of going out to watch one play, why not indulge in eight?

The Theatre Arts Department is presenting New Works Festival, a production composed of eight original new plays, themed in relationships and love, Dec. 8 to 10 in Glenn Wallichs Theatre.

The production is divided into two acts, presenting four short plays in each one with an intermission of 10 min in between. The majority of the cast is composed of first-year students with University veteran actors, including a communicative disorders professor. Many of the first-year students plan to declare theatre as their major.

Directed by theater professor Chris Beach, production of the UR student-written plays is a collaboration of current students, young alums and community members.

“We have such a range of unique styles present in each play that it is hard not to like them,” Beach said.
The plays were conceived last spring as part of a playwright class led by Steve Shade.

“One of our assignments was to overhear a conversation and then take it from there—that is how I got the inspiration for my short play,” said sophomore Leah Ramillano.

Each play was reviewed over the summer and went through casting in September. Having the playwrights present along the process has helped the actors throughout the development of rehearsals.

“You get to ask questions—what they were thinking, where they were going with the story and the characters. We had great relationships with the playwrights,” said student actor Aaron Ingoldsby-Stevenson.

“I love the cast, we are one big family,” said Olivia Spirz, a first-year theatre student who enjoys the thrill of being on stage “You forget about the audience and the character drives you. I like being someone different, playing out her frustrations.”

For such a unique night, the stage has to be prepared to shift into eight different sets between each play. The stage design is simple, easily mobile and with props that are easy to adjust.

Tickets are available by calling Glenn Wallichs Theatre. New Works Festival will be presented At 8 p.m. Dec. 8-10. General admission is $10, UR community and seniors $6.

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