Alum elected to council

University alum Bob Gardner will begin a four-year term on the Redlands City Council in December, after winning the local election Nov. 2, receiving 17.49 percent of votes.

Gardner said his first challenge will be to balance the city budget—a controversial issue in the Redlands community. It was because of the budget, and his desire to be part of a solution, that he initially became involved.

“I could have easily complained about the budget programs we were having, but instead I wanted to figure out what I could do to help.”

His main focus with the budget is to create long-range goals and action plans that could sustain the city.
Gardner earned a bachelor’s degree in government at Redlands in 1973, and described his college years here as a “great experience, with a great campus and great professors.”

After earning his master’s degree at Syracuse , he started his involvement in the Redlands community through working at church and helping with youth programs.

“My family and I have loved living in Redlands,” said Gardner, whose family has continuously lived in Redlands almost a century, “and we have tried to give back to a community that I have been part of since 1971, when I was a student at the University of Redlands. I have seen Redlands grow and I want to be part of ensuring its continuing role as one of the finest cities in California.”

Gardner is currently vice president of administration and finance at California State University, San Bernardino. He has worked with multi-million dollar budgets in government offices including Homeland Security and NASA.

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