2013 scholars selected

The Proudian Program selects its newest class of scholars

Each year, 12 academically motivated sophomore students are selected to participate in the prestigious Proudian Interdisciplinary Honors Program, founded in 1977 and completely unique to the University of Redlands.
Proudian Scholars selected for the Class of 2013:

• Victoria Beckley—Society and the Environment in China: Art and Culture
• Christina Dietz—psychology, communicative disorders
• Ariel Glazer—marketing and media studies
• Thomas Marshall—government
• Kyle McMillian—physics, mathematics
• Andrew Patalano—biology and chemistry
• Adrian Poloni—Spanish and environmental studies
• Rachel Reynolds—creative writing and the classics
• Ani Seuylemezian—sociology/anthropology and women’s studies
• Rachael Severtson—biology and French
• Ruth Tejada—Spanish and communicative disorders
• Brittany Williams—creative writing and biology

The program aims to bring together the best students from diverse academic fields to study in small seminar classes with some of the University’s most talented professors.

The focus—interdisciplinary education.

The three classes these 12 students will have together will draw from different fields of study and perspectives. Not only will each class have a different focus—one in the humanities, one on social science, and one on natural science—but each student participating in the program also draws from their own field of study. This exchange of ideas is seen as pivotal to the program and the 12 students chosen come from a wide variety of academic majors and emphases, encompassing all areas of the liberal arts curriculum.

“What hooked me (about the program) is that it is interdisciplinary,” said student Ruth Tejada. She liked how everything is about the “combination of elements.”

From this curriculum, student Christina Dietz hopes she “can gain new perspectives and be challenged to work hard. Student Adrian Poloni believes that the program will lead to new “academic endeavors and personal enrichment” because he will be able to apply his many academic interests and “learn in new and diverse ways.”

Selection is made based on a student’s GPA and SAT scores, faculty recommendations, the applicant’s critique of their own written work, a timed written response, personal interviews, and a Saturday workshop led by current Proudian scholars that helps to determine how each student works with others. This workshop is essential, since what the Proudian program most needs, according to Dr. Daniel Kiefer, professor and director of the program, are “bright minds willing to engage with other bright minds.”

Kiefer believes the selection process developed is “wonderful” and allows him to consider each student holistically. He compares selecting students for each Proudian class to “putting together a kind of community of scholars.”
The first Proudian seminar these students will take, beginning in the spring semester, will challenge these students to produce some of their best work. After intense reading, monthly essays, a final paper and a symposium presentation, by the end of the students’ first course, Kiefer predicts they will begin to “admire their own selves” and see themselves as real scholars.

The Proudian program prepares students to graduate from the University of Redlands with “a good body of work to present to the world,” Kiefer said. Students study abroad their junior year and complete an individual senior project in addition to the three seminars they take together.

To find out more about the Proudian Interdisciplinary Honors Program, contact Daniel_Kiefer@redlands.edu.

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