Jeremy “Jerm” Reynolds ‘05

Jeremy “Jerm” Reynolds ‘05

“I think [Johnston Center] was fantastic; it’s what university education should be for everyone. It’s a time to explore the world and explore what moves you.”

“Hockey” makes a power play
The lead singer in the band, Hockey sings “I don’t know what to do, I’ve got to learn to lose for a while,” on the band’s single, “Learn to Lose,” released in the UK in June by Virgin Records.

But in reality, there is little that the singer and fellow band member Jeremy “Jerm” Reynolds (Redlands Class of 2005) are losing, as their band is quickly becoming a rising star in the music industry.

As students in the innovative Johnston Center, Hockey’s lead singer, Benjamin Rubin and its bass player, Jeremy “Jerm” Reynolds met and explored their musical talents on the Redlands campus, eventually forming the band. 

An American New Wave band, Hockey’s music is reminiscent of a mixture of alternative and indie music with a pop flare. Recent graduates may remember the upbeat sounds of the band, who performed at many fraternity and sorority parties, won the Battle of the Bands and opened for Fallfest during their time as students. 

Soon after graduation, Reynolds and Grubin recruited two other permanent members of the band and relocated to Portland, Ore.

The chaos of worldwide success
After performing on the West Coast, where they toured in a bus that burned vegetable oil for fuel, their 2008 self-released album, “Mind Chaos” attracted the attention of Capitol Records, who signed them in the U.S., along with Virgin Records, who signed them in the UK.

The album’s namesake originates from a class Reynolds taught at Redlands, “The Great Remembering: Evolving Beyond the Pathology of Modernity.” 

According to a BBC interview with the band, the name was inspired by “what was happening in the classroom as everyone was trying to get their ideas out. It was this endless clash of people never agreeing on a single notion for a whole semester.”

In the BBC interview, bass Reynolds reflects on his experience as a Johnston Center student: “I think it was fantastic; it’s what a university education should be for everyone. It’s a time to explore the world and explore what moves you.”

Bass player Reynolds and lead singer Grubin successfully found what moves them and what moves their fans. The band’s success has begun to sweep through Europe, they’ve played at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, Glastonbury 2009, the T in the Park festival in Scotland, the 2009 Bonnaroo Festival and the 2009 Hove Festival in Norway.

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