Types of Financial Aid

If college is in your plans, you should know that most schools – and some of your relatives, for that matter – expect you to contribute towards the cost of higher education. However, there are many types of financial aid available to help you reach your educational goals.

For example, grants that do not have to be repaid can be given to you based on financial need.

Scholarships also do not have to be repaid and are given based on many criteria, including grades, community service, athletic or artistic achievement and many others.

Student Employment programs let you earn money towards college expenses by working hand-picked jobs on or off campus while going to school. Finally, there are many types of loans available to help you pay for college, but most must be paid back with interest added to the original amount you borrowed.

So if Grandma and Grandpa aren’t taking your calls, check with your university’s financial aid office to learn more.


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