CNN at U of R

The CNN truck on campus

Jan. 13, 2009 -

The large white satellite truck parked in front of the Administration Building Tuesday afternoon was indeed a CNN crew from Los Angeles.

The stately lit columns behind political analyst David Gergen on Larry King Live and Anderson Cooper 360° later that evening were the 100-year-old pillars of the Administration Building.

Convenience and the collegiate beauty of the University of Redlands campus combined to make for the perfect setting to have the best-selling author and advisor to four presidents go live for his spot on those popular CNN shows.

Gergen, the author of "Eyewitness to Power, The Essence of Leadership, Nixon to Clinton," would be coming Tuesday night from an event in Indian Wells; the CNN crew from Hollywood.

David Gergen being interviewed by CNNThe U of R would provide a half-way meeting point; a distinguished setting for Gergen to provide his commentary and analysis for the Larry King and Anderson Cooper shows.

Through the afternoon and early evening, the news crew buzzed around Ad Hill—testing equipment, camera angles, the lighting. And fielding questions from curious students.

Preparations continued—lights shifted, camera and chair angles rearranged—right up until Gergen was to go live on Larry King. Then right after King’s interview with President Bush and the First Lady, Gergen was beamed into households across the country from the lawn in front of Redlands’ Administration Building

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