Professor of the Year

March 4, 2009 -

Lorenzo Garbo, a University of Redlands professor of economics and, recently, of Zen meditation, was honored recently as the College of Arts and Sciences Professor of the Year and will give the Professor of the Year High Table speech on March 10.

Garbo, who was selected by the students of the Mortar Board organization in February, will deliver a talk titled "Beginningless Greed." The Professor of the Year High Table speech will be held in the Casa Loma room at 5:30 p.m. and is open to the campus and community by reservation.

Garbo joined the university's economics department in 1996, and became the chair of the department in 2001. He graduated with Magna cum Laude honors from the University of Venice and earned master's degrees and his Ph.D. from Columbia University. His lifelong devotion to economics has led him to specialize in three areas of interest: the history of economic thought, international trade, and economic development and growth, noted the speech delivered by student Gabriel Huey.

Garbo began his pursuit of Zen meditation while on sabbatical, when he was inspired to be a more healing and holistic person. He has brought his interest to the campus by teaching courses in Zen as well as taking a leading role in the founding of the university's Meditation Room in Larsen Hall, said Huey.

"Professor Garbo's leadership in this matter, coupled with his light-hearted and amiable nature has, without a doubt, encouraged the practice of spiritual and contemplative pursuits by students from a wide range of educational disciplines. His seemingly contrasting interests in economics, a highly quantitative field, and Zen meditation, a more abstract and introspective journey, affords students with a balanced perspective on academic life," he said.

"I believe that his greatest achievement… is his ability to inspire others to pursue their own areas of interest. His conscious effort to converse with students about their personal aspirations motivates them to use their time at the UoR as an avenue for discovering their inner passions."

Garbo's High Table speech will be accompanied by dinner. Reservations are $13.50 for the university community, and $17.50 for guests. Reservations can be made through Chris Deyo at (909) 748-8308 or by e-mail at

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