The Armacost Library Renovation is Complete

Renovation of the Armacost Library.

Students, staff and faculty are celebrating the opening of the final phase of the dramatically renovated Armacost Library, which opened Monday.

The renovated library features a student study lounge that will be open 24-hours, as well as a new cafe that will serve locally roasted coffee.

The renovated library has both indoor and outdoor study spaces. The spaces are designed to have a comfortable, informal feel, encouraging students to gather together day or night to study or work on projects.

┬áThe new spaces also are expected to be a campus-wide gathering place, fostering rich discussions among students, faculty and staff on an array of topics – from politics to music to sports to religion.

The new Bulldog Café will serve Klatch coffee and will boast eight computer stations, where students can check their email, scan social networking sites or look information up online.

The newly renovated library includes a sprawling 8,700 square-foot entrance. From the entrance, students have the option of moving upstairs to the library or downstairs to the Fletcher Jones Foundation Computer Center , which houses five computer labs, as well as six collaborative learning spaces.

Hamid Etesamnia, associate vice president for information technology and facilities planning and management, said he thinks the new space will be exciting to both current and prospective students.

“It really is state-of-the-art,” he said. “It’s a place where technology and the resources of the library are together and accessible under one roof, and where students can come and study and work together.”

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