School of Education to Present at the American Educational Research Association

May 10, 2009 -

The University of Redlands School of Education will be well represented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association next week.

The AERA meeting, which will be held April 13-17 in San Diego, will include presentations by seven of the School of Education’s professors.

The following University of Redlands professors are scheduled to present:

  • Janee Both Gragg, assistant professor, is presenting a poster session titled "Clinical Implications of Pseudo-Engagement with Hispanic Families in Counseling." Gragg will present along with Ronald Morgan, an associate professor.
  • Professor Rod Goodyear is presenting a symposium, "Impacts of Education Scholarship: Using Expert Judgment and Citations to Describe Journals, Scholars, the Discipline." He also will chair the session, "Parenting and Social Support." Goodyear also is responsible for the division fireside chat, "If I had Known Then What I Know Now: Looking Back at the Graduate School Experience."
  • Assistant Professor Ross Mitchell will present his paper, "Determinants and Consequences of School Choice."
  • Morgan, in addition to his presentation with Gragg, also will serve as chair for the session, "School Counseling Accountability and Effectiveness."
  • Assistant Professor Pauline Reynolds will present her paper, "Ways of Knowing: Faculty, Social Values, and Anti-Intellectualism in American Film, 1930-1950." She also will present her paper, "ABC Family’s "Greek:" Examining the Portrayal of a "Real" College Experience?"
  • Assistant Professor Margaret M. Solomon is responsible for four presentations. She will present her paper, "The Crossing of Borders: The Emerging Identity of Newly Arrived English Learners in California High Schools." She also will discuss her paper, "Looking in the Mirror: What Do We See in Our Reflection on Teacher Education?" She also will present the paper, "Teacher Change Through Reflective Practice." Solomon will be part of the interactive symposium, "Policy, Action, and Theory: Cross-Cultural Experience of Ethnic Minority Students in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong."
  • Associate Professor M. Alayne Sullivan will present the poster session, "Struggling Readers, Social Justice, and Arts-Based Responses to Literature: A Qualitative Exploration of Aesthetic Reading Experiences."

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