Redlands Annuonces the Winners of the First-Ever "A Student's Perspective" Photo Competition

April 17, 2009 -

The winners of the first-ever Life at Redlands: A Student's Perspective photo competition are in, with three honorees selected.

The winning images include a shot of a student studying barefoot on the counter next to a jumbo-sized bag of Cocoa Puffs, sweat-covered soccer players going toe-to-toe with opponents, and tank-top-wearing students enjoying the sun while catching up on their reading.

This year's winners are: grand prize, Alex Grummer, a computer science and business major from Sammamish, Wash.; second place, Lena Carroll, an undeclared major from Salt Lake City; and third place, Angelico Tolentino, an English and writing major from West Covina.

Grummer will receive a $100 Visa gift card. He also will have one of his photos showcased on the cover of the Och Tamale, the university's alumni magazine. Carroll will receive a $60 Visa gift card, while Tolentino will receive a $40 gift card. All three winners will have their bios and photos included in the alumni magazine.

The students, who all are members of the University of Redlands Photography Club, submitted 20 photos for the contest. Students were asked to submit photos in a number of categories, including Around Campus, In Class/Class Outdoors, Athletics/Intramaurals, Residence Hall/Dorm Life, and Around (Down) Town.

One of the goals of the project was to provide visitors to the university's web site with a clear sense of what student life is like at Redlands.

"This was an exciting chance for us to get a student perspective of what it really is like to be a student at the University of Redlands," said Michelle Baty, publications manager and co-coordinator of the contest. "The images that we got were ones that could not have been captured by someone without that unique perspective."

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