Buck World One

A dance group known for its intense and passionate portrayals of issues including community violence, police brutality and the challenges of the civil rights movement is set to bring its cutting edge hip-hop style to Redlands.

The group Buck World One will perform Thursday, Dec. 10 at 8 p.m. in the university’s Wallichs Theater stage. Admission is free and open to the public for the event, which is part of the CaliFest Theatre Workshop.

The group was formed by playwright and UC Riverside Professor of Theater Rickerby Hinds. The group performs a new hip-hop style known as “krump” or “buck” – a style sometimes tied to inner-city streets, and other times tied to local churches.

The style is known for its aggressive, fast-paced feel. It is done freestyle, with little choreography. Often, dancers move in a battle style, where one person or group of people is in a dance-off against another.

One appeal of the dance style is that it gives dancers – including many with a deep, personal understanding of the challenges of inner-city life – an opportunity to express their frustrations and concerns about society in non-violent ways.

Buck World One features eight krump dancers from the Inland Empire: Timothy Dupree, Alexander Brown-Hinds, Davion Clayton, D’emetrius Welch, Evan Harris, Jarrett Lacey, John Muldrew and Tyrone Sutton; Also featured are five local poets: Alex Avila, Crystal Davis, Joesanna Osborne, Tamara Florence and Tashika LeSure. All of these young performers deliver their own unique and personal story through words and movement.

The event is being brought to campus by the Theater, as well as the Race and Ethnic Studies departments.

Call 909-748-8728 for more information.

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