The School of Education Offers Opportunities Abroad

Studying abroad is now an option for School of Education students.

The school is offering its first-ever travel courses this academic year, with students being able to choose between a March trip to Japan or a June trip to Scandinavia.

Both of the classes will meet requirements for EDUC 602, Pluralism in Education – a class taken by students working on master’s degrees in counseling, curriculum and instruction and administration, among others.

Students will take classes on several Saturdays, and then participate in a culminating two-week experience in either Japan or Scandinavia.

Elementary and secondary students in both Japan and Scandinavia consistently outscore their American counterparts on international assessments in areas including math, science and reading.

The new study abroad classes are designed in part to give Redlands education students a more global perspective of education, administrators said.

Students will be pushed to think about how local schools might benefit from some of the programs, practices and philosophies found overseas. Potential shortcomings of schools in Japan and Scandinavia also will be discussed.

Education students will join School of Business students on the trips, creating a unique opportunity for students from the two schools to network and share their perspectives on topics including business, education, community development and public policy.

All study abroad programs are available to current students, alumni and trustees, as well as their guests.

Call project specialist Karen Kraker at 909-748-8750 for more information.

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