Study Abroad Opportunities for School of Business Students

The School of Business is continuing to strengthen its study abroad programming, allowing students to gain a global perspective of business.

One of the biggest changes to this year’s programs is a new trip to Costa Rica. A trip that previously focused on business issues in both Japan and China is now focusing entirely on Japan, providing students with an opportunity to study the country in more depth.

The Costa Rica travel course is titled “Green Business and Eco Tourism in Costa Rica.”

As part of the trip, students will study how to effectively create business opportunities that reduce or mitigate environmental damage. They will explore the work of green businesses that preserve rain forests and undeveloped lands, and also sites that produce alternative energy. Students also will have opportunities to get an up-close look at major, multinational corporations in Costa Rica, including Chiquita Brands.

In other changes, School of Business students will now be joined by School of Education students on study abroad trips to Japan and Scandinavia. The joint trips will provide a unique opportunity for students from the two schools to network and share their perspectives on topics including business, education, community development and public policy.

Other School of Business study abroad trips include programs in India, England and Sweden.

Business students who are unable to travel but are interested in learning about businesses in other countries can take a comparative country analysis course.

In the course, students select two study abroad courses and participate in five of the pre-trip classes of those courses. Students then write a research paper and give a presentation on their ideas about what they learned from the classes and how the two countries compare.

All study abroad programs are available to current students, alumni and trustees, as well as their guests.

Call project specialist Karen Kraker at 909-748-8750 for more information.


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