Student Named one of the High Desert's Most Inspiring Women

School of Education student Nancy Escobedo was recently profiled by the Redlands Daily Facts as one of the High Desert’s Most Inspiring Women.

Nominated by Daily Press readers, Escobedo is a counselor at John Muir Charter School in Adelanto, where she helps young adults, ages 16-24, to finish their high school diplomas or to learn a trade. John Muir serves as what Escobedo believes is a safe haven for the students, who are often from troubled backgrounds.

Despite working for the school for less than 2 years, Escobedo has strived to expose students to new experiences and opportunities, creating an atmosphere of a traditional school for John Muir students.

Aside from organizing the school’s very first prom and graduation night, Escobedo has also assisted in the first Annual Career & Education day, bringing colleges and local organizations to campus to show students potential continuing education and career opportunities.

Working with other local organizations, Escobedo has also provided resources for students to help them overcome personal barriers. Escobedo helps provide food, shelter and supplies for John Muir attendees with the hope that she is assisting in relieving stress from their personal lives while increasing their chances of finishing their degrees.

“I am very honored to have been chosen as a candidate for this [High Desert’s Most Inspiring Women], but I do what I do from the heart. I enjoy doing for others and when I see someone with a smile, it puts a smile on my face.”

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