Redlands is Designated a "Tree Campus" by the Arbor Day Foundation

Chapel behind trees

The University of Redlands, set under a canopy of century-old trees it has committed to protect and maintain, has recently been designated a “Tree Campus” by the Arbor Day Foundation.

Redlands is among just three other colleges or universities in California to be named a Tree Campus USA for its dedication to campus forestry management and environmental stewardship, according to the Arbor Day Foundation. Across the nation, the Foundation recognized 74 campuses.

On Friday, April 16 at 5 p.m., in recognition of the upcoming Arbor Day and its Tree Campus award, the university will hold a presentation on the Quad followed by a tree tour highlighting noteworthy trees. Plaques will be displayed next to some that give a description or story about the tree. A booth will offer seeds where people can start growing trees of their own in recycled bottles.

To view the University of Redlands tree tour, click here.

To receive Tree Campus status, Redlands met five required standards of tree care and community engagement set by the Arbor Day Foundation:

• establishing a campus tree advisory committee;
• evidence of a campus tree care plan;
• verification of dedicated annual expenditures on the campus tree-care plan;
• involvement in an Arbor Day observance;
• and the institution of a service-learning project aimed at engaging the student body.

Redlands’ tree care plan sets guidelines and goals for protecting and maintaining campus trees, including outlining plant selection, site preparation and pruning practices of newly planted and established trees.

A campus Tree Plan Advisory Committee consists of students from the Students for Environmental Action Club, faculty from the Environmental Studies Department, staff from the Facilities Management department and the Office of Community Service Learning and community members.

“The Tree Campus USA program will have a long-lasting impact at the University of Redlands as it engages college students and local citizens to plant trees and create healthier communities for people to enjoy for decades to come,” said John Rosenow, chief executive of the Arbor Day Foundation.

“The University of Redlands will benefit from exceptional tree-care practices on campus as it works with tree-care professionals in the community to improve the tree canopy in Redlands.”

Tree Campus USA, a national program launched in 2008 by the Arbor Day Foundation, honors college and universities and the leaders of the campus and surrounding communities for promoting healthy urban forest management and engaging the campus community in environmental stewardship.

The Arbor Day Foundation launched Tree Campus USA in the fall of 2008 by planting trees at nine college campuses throughout the United States. More information about the Tree Campus USA program is available at

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