Bon Appetit Holds the Third Annual Low Carbon Diet Day

Bon Appetit is proud to present its third annual Low Carbon Diet Day this Thursday, April 22.

 Bon Appetit, the first and only restaurant company to make the connection between food and climate change, will present a special menu at the University of Redlands’ Irvine Commons to help educate diners about the importance of eating a low carbon diet.

Bon Appetit chefs will serve foods that help illustrate 5 key principles of eating low carbon and minimize the service of foods that are major contributors to greenhouse gasses. The top 5 low carbon diet tips include:

1. You bought it, you eat it—don’t waste food;
2. make “seasonal and regional” your food mantra;
3. move away from beef and cheese;
4. stop flying fish and fruit. Don’t buy air-freighted food;
5. and if it’s processed and packaged, skip it.

How do your food choices impact the environment? Calculate your impact now.

For more information on this event, contact Bon Appetit at 909-748-8971.

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