School of Business Alumnus Releases CD

17 Souvenirs Cover

School of Business alumnus Jason Bennett’s ’96 latest CD, 17 Souvenirs, recently garnered the #18 spot on the Colorado Roots Radio Airplay Chart.

Inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan, Harvey Pekar and Kurt Cobain, Bennett’s music has a unique, earthy folk style quality. 17 Souvenirs, Bennett’s 6th full length CD, is a compilation of Bennett’s 17 most popular original songs, which are composed and performed by Bennett himself.

Listeners will enjoy the relaxing acoustic harmonies of various instruments, including the harmonica, guitar, violin, and cello. Since 2001 Bennett has been busy producing new albums. His other albums include The Atascadero Sessions, Self Portrait, Acoustic Harbor, Mindchange and Slow it Down, Take a Step Back.

Find out more about Bennett’s newest release and listen to his music on iTunes.

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