MBA Student Wins Top Honors

San Diego campus.

A student from the University of Redlands’ School of Business San Diego campus has snagged top honors in a highly competitive international business simulation competition.

Richard “Rick” Powell, a student in the university’s MBA program, won the Spring 2010 Capstone Competition operated by Capsim Management Simulations, earning the highest score in the elite competition’s 17-year history.

More than 1,000 students from around the world competed in the online contest, where they completed a simulation of running a $100 million company for five to eight years.

Each simulated company operated in five market segments – low, traditional, high, size and performance. Students started with five products but could develop a portfolio of up to eight products.

The simulation required students to make a variety of decisions about research and development, marketing, finance, human resources and production, labor negotiation, advanced marketing and total quality management.

The simulation competition has become increasingly competitive in the past few years, drawing more students and inspiring a number of online message boards, study guides and tutorials.

Rob Jenks, a School of Business professor who encouraged Powell to compete in the national competition after he fared well in a required class simulation, said Powell’s victory is good news for both Powell and the university.


"Not only did he win but he won with the highest score ever recorded,” Jenks said. “Of course, that’s Rick. He’s that good. But it also speaks well for the university and the competency level required to earn a degree here.”

Powell, who works as an engineer for NAVFAC in San Diego, is set to graduate in May.

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