The Making of "My Tour"

My tour video

Students and recent alumni came together in May to film the University of Redlands campus video tour. Within two weeks of its release, the video garnered over 7,000 views on YouTube.

Viewers are introduced to the entire campus, as if on an actual Redlands tour, led by 2009 alum Emily Sernaker, singing her original song, “My Tour.” Emily drafted the song during her time as a University tour guide as a quick, creative way to present a large amount of information about the University.

Redlands Admission Hosts evaluated two video tour concepts and decided that Emily’s tour rap best represented the school. "I am delighted the University wanted to make a video with my rap song. I am hoping the viewer will learn a lot about the school and have a good laugh as well,” Emily said.

Student Production Manager, Allison Swift, coordinated the video’s student participation and worked alongside the video producer during filming, helping make the entire experience a success. Cast members, dancers and crew said they enjoyed filming the video and were happy about the way it turned out.

“This video represents a collaborative effort between Admissions, Student Life, Marketing and our alumni; especially our alumna, Emily Sernaker,” said Gail Guge, vice president of marketing.

Cast member Ryan Sweet ‘08 said, “My favorite part of this experience is knowing that I helped make a video that could influence prospective students to choose Redlands.”

University of Redlands President Dr. James R. Appleton makes an unplanned appearance in the video as a dancer on the steps of the Administration Building. As the dancers for the video were being filmed, Dr. Appleton, who was on campus that weekend, joined in.

The video was filmed using a combination of stop-frame animation and full-motion video, using only DSLR cameras (Canon 5D and 7D) – a method that creates entertaining effects but is also time-consuming.

After the group’s long weekend of filming, cast member Briana Enriquez ’09 said, “Everyone was happy and having fun whether we were filming or just joking around and singing Disney songs between shots. It’s neat to be a part of this little bit of Redlands’ history.”

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