Eat Local Challenge

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On Tuesday, Sept. 29, Bon Appetit Management Company, who provides the university's dining services, will encourage Redlands students to take part in an Eat Local Challenge.

During the 5th annual event, Bon Appetit will create a lunch for students made completely from fresh ingredients grown within 150 miles of the campus.

By supporting local farmers who use sustainable growing practices, the university hopes to promote an investment in community and teach the campus about the impact that they have as consumers on the environment.

According to the Worldwatch Institute in the United States, food now travels between 1,500 and 2,500 miles from farm to table, as much as 25 percent farther than two decades ago. Eating locally can help to reduce the amount of non-renewable resources that are wasted in the transportation of food.

Rory Bryne of the university’s Office of Community Service Learning has organized a group of student volunteers who will work with Abby and Jason Harned of Three Sisters Farms in Redlands to harvest items such as Swiss Chard, Musk Melons and Herbs. This produce will be used specifically for the Eat Local Challenge.

As a part of the event, Bon Appetit will offer additional information to the campus community on the local and global benefits that eating locally can have.

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