University of Redlands Partners with Boeing

Employees at Boeing's El Segundo location can now complete a business degree without leaving the office, thanks to a new partnership between Boeing and the School of Business.

The partnership between The Boeing Company and Redlands allows employees to take classes in the comfort of a conference room at their El Segundo site one night a week, while still working full time. A tuition discount also is offered as part of the partnership.

More than 20 students are currently enrolled in a master's in business administration program. A bachelor's program with about 15 students is expected to begin in March.

Another program for undergraduate students is set to start in January. The program is designed for employees who want a bachelor's degree but have few or no transferable college units. After students have 40 units, they can apply for admission into a School of Business undergraduate program.

The partnership benefits both Redlands and The Boeing Company, according to Robyn Jones, the campus director at School of Business Torrance Campus.

"Providing on-site educational opportunities for employees offers a convenient way for your workforce to increase their general knowledge, leadership skills and overall value to your company at a discounted tuition rate," said Jones. "Providing these opportunities via the University of Redlands School of Business makes it manageable for employees to balance work, family and academics."

Having a group of students who are all in the same workplace also allows for a variety of real-life learning opportunities.

"Because the entire class works in the same industry, the discussions, projects and case studies can be directly tied to specific work issues," Jones said. "Students are able to apply what they learn in class immediately, solve real-world problems, and use in-class projects to assist their departments."

The university's School of Business, which has satellite campuses in seven Southern California locations, has entered similar partnerships with companies including those at JPL, Caltech, Abbott, Wellpoint, Qualcomm, Citizens Bank and UPS.

For more information on on-site business programs, contact Stacey Neeley, Associate Director of Enrollment and Operations, at (909) 748-8757

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