Visiting Fulbright Professor to Speak on Gender Equality in Islam

Nina Nurmila, the University of Redlands' first Fulbright Scholar in Residence, will be speaking at a President's High Table on "Gender Equality in Islam."The event will be held in the university's Orton Center on Thursday, Nov. 6 at 5:30 p.m.

Nurmila will speak about how Muslim feminists challenge the male-based interpretation of the Qur'an and how the confusion of cultural and religious traditions create a dominating by men over women in many Islamic countries.

Nurmila describes herself as an Islamic feminist. She has worked as a faculty member or lecturer since 1993. In addition to her work as a professor at Redlands, Nurmila is expected to lead community education as part of an effort to deepen understandings of the Muslim world.

Nurmila earned her Ph.D. in Gender and Islamic Studies from the University of Melbourne and her master's degree in Development Studies from Murdoch University in Western Australia. She is currently writing her latest book, Women, Islam and Everyday Life: Renegotiating Polygamy in Indonesia.

This event is $17.50 per person and includes dinner. Reservations should be made through the Office of Academic Affairs at

Office of Public Relations
(909) 748-8070

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