Greek Life Celebrates 100 Years

As a part of the 2009 Homecoming activities, the University of Redlands is proud to include the Greek Centennial Celebration, commemorating 100 years of Greek life at Redlands.

In 1909, just two years after the university was born, the first fraternity, Pi Chi, was founded. This milestone event was soon followed by the founding of the first local sorority, Delta Kappa Psi, in 1910.

Throughout the years, the university has welcomed the founding of 9 additional fraternities and sororities—each one unique to the University of Redlands as local organizations that exist only at Redlands.

Greek life has lived on for 100 years with students and alumni who are active on campus, who are leaders in community service and who continue to uphold academic excellence.

This week, the university celebrates the rich history of Redlands Greek Life. The annual Wine and Cheese event will be held in the Stauffer Complex Courtyard on Saturday, Oct. 17 at 3 p.m. Additionally, a Greek Centennial Celebration will follow the Homecoming football game.

Throughout the weekend individual sorority and fraternity houses will also hold intimate gatherings for their organizations.

For more information on Greek Centennial events click here.

University of Redlands students contribute more than 100,000 hours of community service annually.
students helping the community

All as part of our time-honored tradition of putting their passion, knowledge and heart to work for the betterment of the world.

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