Bulldogs Travel Across The World

This summer, the Bulldog men’s basketball team traveled across the world to share their passion for the courts and to gain first-hand experience in a different culture.

Head basketball coach James Ducey ’78, accompanied by two assistant coaches, took this year’s 13 returning team members on a 14-day adventure through France.

“In the history of the Redlands basketball program, past teams have had the opportunity to travel to Germany with Coach Gary Smith. As the basketball coach, I wanted to continue with this tradition,” said Ducey.

Two years ago, Ducey met with an old roommate and fellow Redlands basketball teammate who lives in France, Brian Sanders ’76. The two alums worked together to plan the itinerary for this summer’s experience abroad.

With Sanders as their tour guide, the team was able to travel throughout France, including stops in Paris, Charte, Ambroise and St. Malo.

When the Bulldogs weren’t on the courts, where they played tough against 5 semi-professional French teams, they were able to soak up the full French experience with visits to some of France’s major historical locations.

Bulldogs even had a chance to do community service, offering a free basketball clinic for local children.

“This trip would not have been possible without alumni, friends and supporters of the program,” said Ducey.

Coach Ducey worked hard over the last year to help offset the costs of the experience for team members. The team also hosted a basketball kid’s camp to help raise funds for the trip during the 2008-09 school years.

In continuing the tradition, Coach Ducey hopes to take the team to Scotland or Ireland in the next three to four years.

“Overall it was a great trip. I don’t think anyone was ready to come home.”

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160 acres

The campus of the University of Redlands covers 160 acres.