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More than 20 Redlands science and math students will have their summer research efforts showcased as part of a poster session.

The posters will be on display Thursday, Oct. 2 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the hallways of Hedco Hall for the campus and community to explore the scientific work produced by a group of students during the summer. Visitors will have an opportunity to talk one-on-one with students about their research.

 The presentation is designed to raise awareness about summer research opportunities, while also helping students to learn the basics of developing a poster presentation.

"In the scientific community, scientific information is often presented at huge poster sessions," said Eric Hill, an associate professor in physics. "Getting students comfortable with presenting scientific information in the form of a poster is important for students interested in research. This is an important first step."

Local math and science teachers have been invited to the poster sessions as part of an effort to spread the word about Redlands' summer research opportunities.

Redlands has a history of offering undergraduate students opportunities to do research directly with professors. At other institutions, undergraduates interested in research are assigned to graduate students who are overseeing research.

Redlands student-researchers often get extensive support from professors, offering a nurturing environment, according to Hill. "They have us alongside them, mentoring them, commiserating with them and supporting them."

After students complete an on-campus research project, they are often encouraged to participate in a national research program the next summer. Redlands students also often present their research alongside professors at national and international conferences.

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