Vincent Blackhawk Aamondt Welcomed to Campus

The University of Redlands welcomes Vincent Blackhawk Aamondt to campus as a part of this fall’s Campus Diversity and Inclusion Guest Series.

The director will present a screening of his movie “The Ghost Riders” followed by a question and answer session for his highly acclaimed film on Tuesday, Nov. 3 in the Casa Loma Room.

In 1890, more than 300 Lakota Sioux Indians were killed by the 7th Calvary at the Battle of Wounded Knee. In the film, Aamodt, a Blackfoot/Lakota/Mexican native, follows the annual Big Foot Memorial Ride that honors the soldiers lost in battle.

The film, narrated by actor and executive director Benjamin Bratt of Quechua (Incan) heritage, also includes Aamodt’s personal experience with the harsh realities of reservation life.

In the five years since the release of his film, Aamodt has earned the respect of ride leaders, participants, and filmmakers. His documentary was recognized as “Best Documentary” in last year’s American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco.

For more information contact the Office of Diversity Affairs at 909-748-8285.

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