Redlands Named as Top Fulbright Producer

The University of Redlands is continuing to gain national recognition as a powerhouse in the prestigious Fulbright awards program.

The success of top-producing institutions, including Redlands, was highlighted in one of last month's editions of The Chronicle of Higher Education, both in print and online Redlands is listed in the master’s institutions category, along with 28 other institutions.

Redlands submitted 14 Fulbright applications and received three Fulbright awards last year, for a 21 percent success rate. In the past two years, six Redlands students have received the award.

In 2008 David Armstrong, Daniel Markus and Ryan Wu were chosen to participate in the program to increase understanding between the U.S. and other countries. And in 2009 graduates Megan Freeland, Andrej Molchan and Kimerley Junmookda were selected as well.

“Six in just two years is just a remarkable accomplishment for a school of our size,” noted University of Redlands President Stuart Dorsey.

Fulbright awards are the highest and most competitive awards for overseas research or teaching given by the federal government. About 1,500 graduating seniors receive the awards each year. Just 11 percent of Fulbright awards are typically given to undergraduate students.

Redlands students from a variety of majors, including some with double majors, have received Fulbright awards. Majors represented in the program include sociology, international relations, history, global business, Asian studies and German.

Redlands students currently competing for the 2010 awards have proposed research and travel to Argentina, Bangladesh, Germany, Japan, South Africa and Taiwan.

The committee responsible for overseeing Fulbright applicants at Redlands includes Jack Osborn, Claudia Ingram, Wendy McIntyre, Chris Niggle, Barbara Pflanz, Hongwei Lu and Ben Aronson.

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