Redlands Salutes Veterans

veterands day 09

Did you know that the 1918 La Letra yearbook was dedicated to the 65 students and alums who served in World War I? Or that during World War II, sailors and marines of the Navy’s V-12 program practiced marching and drill exercises on the Quad? This Veterans Day, Redlands thanks our troops and veterans for their service and dedication.

Redlands students and alums have served in various capacities since the university was founded in 1907 — as Dr. Larry E. Burgess '67 discusses in his book "With Unbound Confidence."

Redlands alums were not only servicemen and women — they contributed during war and times of conflict in other ways as well. Bulldog alum Robert Pierpoint '47, covered the Korean and Vietnam wars for CBS. Warren Christopher, 63rd Secretary of State, attended Redlands as part of the V-12 Navy-Marine college training program during World War II. On July 1, 1943, 198 members of the V-12 program met for the first time on the Redlands Quad in front of the chapel.

We even have a veteran love story: Edwin '40 and Virginia Ogle Morgan '41 were engaged when she was a senior and Ed had graduated. But in 1941, during the war, they broke up.

Ed served four years in the Navy, got married and had three children. Virginia taught school, also got married, served two years as a Navy WAVE and had three children. They met again 25 years later after both were divorced, and decided to get married to each other. The couple has been happily married for over 40 years.

Currently, Associate Professor of Communicative Disorders Keith Wolgemuth maintains an active research program with his former employer, the U.S. Navy, in the area of hearing conservation for military divers.

Alumna Cody Unser '09 who’s “First Step Foundation” is dedicated to raising awareness of spinal cord related paralysis is making a difference with Operation Deep Down, a program designed to use scuba diving to assist disabled veterans.

Twenty current students who are veterans received a reduction in fees as a result of the university’s participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

And for the second year in a row, alumni and their families helped organize donated food and clothing, provided care packages for military personnel serving in Iraq as a part of Bulldogs in Service, a nationwide event that included 19 projects in 15 cities.

This Veterans Day, no matter what your shout — Och Tamale, This We'll Defend, Not Self But Country, No One Comes Close, Semper Fi, or Semper Paratus, —join us in honoring our country's veterans.

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