The School of Business' New Mentoring Program


Business students can get professional and academic advice from veteran business leaders as part of a new program offered by the School of Business.

The school’s new mentoring program, which was launched this fall, pairs students with a mentor from the business community. Students meet with their assigned mentee at least once a month.

Students might discuss challenges they face in the workplace, ask for help with a specific business problem, talk about how to balance work and family, or how to prosper in a difficult market.

The program is designed to be flexible, so the unique needs of students can be met.

Although students and mentors are expected to meet at least once a month, they may get together more frequently if both parties agree to the meetings.

The mentoring program started with 10 students and mentors. Most of the mentors are University of Redlands alumni. The mentors are already well established in their career and can speak to a variety of workplace challenges.

“These are people who are at a point in their lives where they have a strong desire to give back – to help someone else in their careers,” said Stuart Noble-Goodman, dean of the university’s School of Business. “They have a lot of valuable information to share, and have the perspective that comes with experience and reflection.”

Noble-Goodman said he hopes the program helps students fulfill their professional and personal aspirations, build self-confidence and support overall academic and career success..

The process of pairing students with their mentors was a thorough one, Noble-Goodman said. The interests, experiences and strengths of both mentors and students were considered.

Students will share their experiences and insights at a mentor appreciation ceremony planned for the spring.

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