Talia Poidmore


Talia Poidmore ’14 spent her four years at Redlands busy, and she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“I have a habit of getting too involved,” the Corona, Calif. native said. “Like any freshman, I came from certain involvements in high school, but I decided to take a step back and scan the room to see what I wanted to dive into. I also knew I wanted to focus on academics.”

At the Involvement Fair her freshman year, Poidmore discovered Big Buddies, and wound up serving as a director for three years.

“It’s a mentoring program for local kids in Redlands, with the ages ranging from six to 14,” she said. “We offer free tutoring, life skills, social skills, and we bring in other organizations on campus. They get opportunities that they wouldn’t ordinarily have in school. I was the co-director of Little Buddies, and it was a big part of my involvement on campus.”

The Community Service Learning Office is important to Poidmore, and she is proud of the work they do.

“A lot of programs come out of there that I am passionate about,” she said. “A lot of what is happening there isn’t seen by the public. The people who work behind the scenes deserve a lot of credit. Tony Mueller has been a role model for me with all of the service he does around Redlands.”

In addition to community service organizations, Poidmore has also served as president of the Delta Kappa Psi sorority, president of Maroon and Grey Student Ambassadors, a lead orientation mentor, and a lead TRAIN facilitator.

“I think one thing that I’ve definitely learned from being involved in so many different aspects of campus life is it really takes a personal effort to make it your own experience,” she said. “I’ve educated myself on multiple levels, and improved my communication skills and time management. I really found my passions amongst things I was involved in, and it’s also really advanced my awareness of what is happening outside of this campus.”

Poidmore came in as a biology and chemistry major, but switched after her sophomore year to sociology and anthropology. She was accepted to Loma Linda University for graduate school, and will earn her master’s degree in child life specialist.

“I am very excited,” she said. “It’s the best of both worlds. I wanted to go down the teaching path and also be involved somehow in the medical field. I will be working with kids and families to explain what is happening to them, and work along the counseling line.”

Written by: Catherine Garcia


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