Fulbright Scholar Visits Redlands

Visiting Fulbright Scholar Nataliia Cherkas

Visiting Fulbright Scholar Nataliia Cherkas

Ukrainian Professor Nataliia Cherkas increases knowledge in international economics

A year in balmy Southern California is quite a change from a snowy winter in the Ukraine. Dr. Nataliia Cherkas, associate professor from Lviv Academy of Commerce in Ukraine is enjoying with her husband and daughter new experiences in the United States. Cherkas is participating in a School of Business Fulbright Faculty Development Program for the 2013-2014 academic year, where she is studying the impact of major macroeconomic parameters on the commodities export structure of Ukraine and other transitional economies within comparison of European Union and Commonwealth of Independent States trade directions.

“I’m interested in studying the indicators of wellbeing and human development as measures of general performance of a particular country,” Cherkas said. “In addition, at the School of Business I’m attending interesting classes related to my teaching subjects in Ukraine which significantly enrich my experience as a lecturer.”

Cherkas has delivered several lectures at the University and at local organizations including the local Rotary Club during her program. Some of the topics include: “Ukraine’s Marketing Profile,” “Higher Education System in Ukraine” and “The Structure of Ukrainian Exports.”

She is currently working on two research papers which she plans to submit to academic journals by the end of the program. At the same time, Cherkas is concentrating on increasing her professional contacts, learning new research methods and increasing her knowledge level as a scholar in the field of international economics.

It was not easy for Cherkas to watch the recent protests in Ukraine from afar. She said she supports her people struggling for justice and democracy and hopes the situation in Ukraine will result in reforms and deeper integration to European structures.

Cherkas is grateful to all of the people who have made this experience possible including School of Business Professor Gerald Groshek, who is supervising her research and who has been a Fulbright Senior Specialist in Ukraine. Cherkas hopes that participating in this program will result in further connections and cooperation between both institutions.

Written by: Patty Zurita 
Posted: March 7, 2014

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