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Outdoor Programs celebrates decade of open-air education

In May 2004, two students from the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies designed and implemented the University's first Outdoor Education May Term Travel Course throughout California and Utah. The success of that course led to the development of Outdoor Programs, which endeavors to get students off campus to experience the mountains, deserts and ocean of Southern California.

"The program set pillars of adventure, discovery, growth, wellness, stewardship and communityand adopted the motto of doing it all with a little bit of soul," said Andrew Hollis, assistant director of the Student Leadership and Involvement Center. 

"Ten years later, we are proud to continue the tradition. The program has grown to include additional academic courses, opportunities for leadership development and training, local outreach and community service, pre-freshman orientation programs, and of course, May Term Travel Courses including trips to Nepal, South Africa, Australia, and the European Alps."

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the program, the May Term Travel Course will mimic that first trip and head through California and Utah.

"We'll also spend the year reconnecting with our alumni and core mission to promote outdoor recreation and experiential education."

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