Banta Center Student Awards


School of Business students have three opportunities to be recognized for their research, study and service in the area of ethics, through the Banta Center Student Awards.

“The University community should recognize individuals who have exemplified ethics through either academic scholarship or actual service to society,” Carlo Carrascoso, assistant professor of business ethics at the School of Business and director of the Banta Center, said. “We have students whose work experience provides a unique insight into ethics in the workplace. Work that represents critical and thoughtful analysis of the ethical issues in business and society must be highlighted as a model for all students to emulate both in their course of study, and in their professional lives.

Faculty, staff, administrators and peers can nominate students for the Banta Community Service Award and the Walker Ethics Award. The Banta Community Service Award is given to a student who demonstrates a commitment to their communities through volunteer, service and/or philanthropic activities, while the Walker Ethics Award goes to a student who recognizes the importance of ethics in business, government or civil society. This student submits an essay, research paper or case study analyzing a contemporary ethical issue, problem or accomplishment.

“With regard to service, it is good to be reminded of the benefits that our students actually do for the community to balance out all the unethical activity that news outlets like to stress on,” Carrascoso said.

The Banta Center is also looking to award Graduate Student Fellowships, which will allow students to perform database research, summary analyses of articles, literature reviews, and more for reports related to business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

“The fellowships provide students with opportunities to interact with faculty experts in their fields of specialization,” Carrascoso said. “This enhances the students’ skill sets and strengthens their position in the workplace. In addition, there is an added benefit: because our students are working professionals, this fellowship provides faculty with opportunities to interact with individuals who have their feet on the ground. This provides a realistic context that helps ground faculty research.”

Carrascoso is pleased that the Banta Center is able to support outstanding students through these awards and fellowships.

“Our students do so much good work, but not enough of it gets recognized and used as inspiration to model the behavior of others,” he said. “Hopefully, these awards address that.”

Nominations for the Banta Community Service Award and the Walker Ethics Award are due by Feb. 7, 2014. For more information, click here. For students interested in applying for the Research Fellowship, call Vanessa Siliezar at 909-748-8769 or email your resume and cover letter to

Posted: Jan. 16, 2014
Written by: Catherine Garcia

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