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University of Redlands

We’re thrilled that you are making the University of Redlands your home this fall. Learn more about Redlands by visiting campus, perusing our website or connecting with other classmates on the Redlands Class of 2019 Facebook page!

When you are ready, you can submit your enrollment deposit online right here from this page. Here are ways in which you can interact with us this month:

Visit Campus The best way to get to know Redlands is to visit. Explore our thriving community rich in opportunities for meaningful interaction, stimulating involvement and lasting friendships.

Why Redlands?You'll learn what you want—and need—to know.
With more than 40 programs of study and a list of courses that's constantly evolving, a Redlands education is uniquely rich. It will prepare you for lifelong learning and rewarding work—just look at what our graduates are doing.

Now you’ve decided to join our community, you can secure your place in the entering class by submitting your $350 enrollment deposit here.

Get to know your new classmates on the Official University of Redlands Class of 2019 Facebook page.


Redlands in Photos

April 14, 2015

What you see here is just a preview of what you'll find at Redlands. Photographs cannot convey the beauty of our campus or the friendliness of our people.

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Thurber really knows his stuff.

Thurber learned The Och Tamale when he was just a pup. Don't know it yet?

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