International Programs Day

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On Nov. 23, current and prospective School of Business students are invited to attend International Programs Day, where they will learn about the various study abroad courses that are scheduled for 2014.

The event will take place from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the University of Redlands Riverside campus, 3610 Central Ave., Suite 101, Riverside.

“Our International Programs Day event highlights all 2014 study abroad courses offered by the School of Business, including our global consultancy capstone course,” Michael MacQueen, associate professor and International Programs Director with the School of Business, said. “Any student interested in possibly enrolling in one of our study abroad courses should attend, as there will be detailed presentations on each of our six programs. Faculty leaders will be available to answer any questions students might have about the programs.”

Trips planned for next year include excursions to England, Italy, India, Austria, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong, China, and France.

“Before I became director, people would tell me that their students said studying abroad was a life-changing experience,” MacQueen said. “Since I became a director, I have heard it countless times.”

According to MacQueen, each study abroad trip has three components.

“There are lectures and seminars from foreign academics and professionals, corporate visits, and cultural and social sightseeing,” he said. “You get to go in a safe, group environment with students who are like minded. Everything is organized for you, and it basically gives you as a student global business perspective as opposed to strictly domestic.”

MacQueen has been on one study abroad trip to Cambridge, England, with the global consultancy capstone class. He highly recommends that School of Business students jump at the opportunity to travel and learn in a different country.

“It was a fantastic experience,” he said.

Posted: Nov. 13, 2013
Written by: Catherine Garcia

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